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Discover your inner mechanics
Center Name Authority Name Gates Organ Theme Not-Self Theme
Head Center Environment Gate 61, Gate 63, Gate 64 pineal gland inspiration, anxiety, mental pressure thinking about things that don't matter
Ajna Center Mental Gate 4, Gate 11, Gate 17, Gate 24, Gate 43, Gate 47 pituitary gland mental awareness, thinking, conceptualization pretending that you are mentally certain
Throat Center Mental Gate 8, Gate 12, Gate 16, Gate 20, Gate 23, Gate 31, Gate 33, Gate 35, Gate 45, Gate 56, Gate 62 thyroid, parathyroid gland communication, action, expression, metabolism trying to attract attention
Identity (G) Center Self Gate 1, Gate 2, Gate 7, Gate 10, Gate 13, Gate 15, Gate 25, Gate 46 liver sense of self, identity, love, direction in life trying to find direction and love
Will (Heart) Center Ego Gate 21, Gate 26, Gate 40, Gate 51 gall bladder, stomach ego, willpower, courage, willfulness, heart trying to prove/improve yourself
Solar Plexus Center Emotional Gate 6, Gate 22, Gate 30, Gate 36, Gate 37, Gate 49, Gate 55 kidney, bladder, pancreas emotions, pleasure, feelings, sexiness avoiding confrontation and truth
Sacral Center Sacral Gate 3, Gate 5, Gate 9, Gate 14, Gate 27, Gate 29, Gate 34, Gate 42, Gate 59 sex organs life force, generative and creative energy, sexuality not knowing when enough is enough
Spleen Center Splenic Gate 18, Gate 28, Gate 32, Gate 44, Gate 48, Gate 50, Gate 57 spleen, lymph system immune system, intuition, instinct, taste, fear for survival holding on to what isn't good for you
Root Center Lunar Gate 19, Gate 38, Gate 39, Gate 41, Gate 52, Gate 53, Gate 54, Gate 58, Gate 60 adrenal glands stress, pressure, fuel for life, depression always in a hurry to be free of pressure

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.