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Gate Gate Name Center Channel Harmonic Gate Codon Hexagram Night Force
1 The Gate of Self Expression Identity (G) Center Channel 1-8 Gate 8 Lysine ䷀ The Creative Light Field
2 The Gate of the Direction of Self Identity (G) Center Channel 14-2 Gate 14 Phenylalanine ䷁ The Receptive n/a
3 The Gate of Ordering Sacral Center Channel 60-3 Gate 60 Leucine ䷂ Difficulty at the Beginning n/a
4 The Gate of Formulization Ajna Center Channel 63-4 Gate 63 Valine ䷃ Youthful Folly n/a
5 The Gate of Fixed Patterns Sacral Center Channel 5-15 Gate 15 Threonine ䷄ Waiting Earth Plane
6 The Gate of Friction Solar Plexus Center Channel 59-6 Gate 59 Glycine ䷅ Conflict n/a
7 The Gate of the Role of the Self in Interaction Identity (G) Center Channel 7-31 Gate 31 Valine ䷆ The Army n/a
8 The Gate of Contribution Throat Center Channel 1-8 Gate 1 Phenylalanine ䷇ Holding Together Light Field
9 The Gate of Focus Sacral Center Channel 52-9 Gate 52 Threonine ䷈ The Taming Power of the Small n/a
10 The Gate of the Behavior of Self Identity (G) Center Channel 10-20
Channel 34-10
Channel 57-10
Gate 20
Gate 34
Gate 57
Arginine ䷉ Treading n/a
11 The Gate of Ideas Ajna Center Channel 11-56 Gate 56 Threonine ䷊ Peace n/a
12 The Gate of Caution Throat Center Channel 22-12 Gate 22 Terminators ䷋ Standstill Earth Plane
13 The Gate of the Listener Identity (G) Center Channel 13-33 Gate 33 Glutamine ䷌ Fellowship of Man n/a
14 The Gate of Power Skills Sacral Center Channel 14-2 Gate 2 Lysine ䷍ Possession in Great Measure n/a
15 The Gate of Extremes Identity (G) Center Channel 5-15 Gate 5 Serine ䷎ Modesty Earth Plane
16 The Gate of Skills Throat Center Channel 48-16 Gate 48 Cysteine ䷏ Enthusiasm n/a

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.