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Discover your inner mechanics

In the Primary Health System (PHS) your determination — sometimes referred to as digestion — is indicated by your Design Sun/Moon's color and tone. On some charts this is indicated by shapes or arrows in the upper left. This is the internal variable for the PHS and describes how your brain naturally prefers to take in food and information for optimal digestion and nourishment.


Fasting is NOT for you, because your nervous system is going going going all the time — whether you realize it or not. You need fuel!

  • Your brain prefers to digest food and information with structure and consistency
  • You do best with a routine and a consistent pattern
  • Try to eat using regular meal times and keep a regular work or study schedule to see how this makes you feel.

You can take in a lot of information and absorb it well.


Fasting might be easier for you. Of course, this is not a hard (and fast xD) rule; consulting your Strategy and Authority is always helpful when changing up your routines. However, due to your more modern digestion, you might find that you need less food to be satisfied because your body is naturally inclined to use less energy in digestion.

  • Your brain prefers to digest food and life in a more flowing and spontaneous way.
  • You do best with flexibility throughout your day.
  • Try to follow your whims and intuition when it comes to meal, work, and study times and see how this makes you feel.

It's a good idea to be discerning and limit the information you’re taking in. While someone with an active digestion will quickly absorb something, your brain will take that same thing and do a 360 view of it — so you’re getting a lot more out of one thing but you’ll need to slow down a little to do it.