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Head Center Center [Open]

Theme: inspiration, anxiety, mental pressure

Description: Those with an undefined Head Center have no consistent way of deliberating mental information. If normal inspiration becomes an amplified pressure to think about things that don't matter, they can get lost in their own mental monologue. Meaningless not-self thoughts and questions will ultimately steer them away from correct decision-making processes. As anxiety increases, they may seek to assuage it by looking for someone or something inspiring to focus on. Undefined Head Centers tend to either avoid intellectual pursuits, or throw themselves into one mystery after another. The... read more

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Ajna Center Center [Undefined]

Theme: mental awareness, thinking, conceptualization

Description: If the Ajna Center is undefined in a chart, the Head Center will also be undefined. Gate activations in either undefined center provide themes for the ways our mental activity connects us to people with whom we interact.Open Head and Ajna centers can have an open and flexible mind. This is a sign of the mental intelligence indicative of thinkers or intellectuals like Freud, Jung, Einstein or Madame Curie. Once a person's mind is set free from conditioning, it is open to a full range of intellectual stimulation and creativity. Innate and learned wisdom about the intricate workin... read more

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Throat Center Center [Defined]

Theme: communication, action, expression, metabolism

Description: Although we assume when we speak that we are expressing the thoughts of our mind, what we communicate is actually determined by the 11 themes of the gates in the Throat Center. The Throat is the energy hub for 'messages' coming from all parts of the BodyGraph; it transmutes and directs how that information manifests in the world as communication and action. Potentially, the Throat can express or act directly from six different centers: the Ajna, Solar Plexus, Heart, G, Sacral and Spleen. The healthy Throat Center speaks from its reliable source of definition. For example, a ... read more

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Identity (G) Center Center [Undefined]

Theme: sense of self, identity, love, direction in life

Description: People with undefined G Centers have no fixed identity. This is not a handicap, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. What is difficult for them to comprehend is living without knowing who they are, or having a consistent and reliable sense of identity. No one truly knows the parameters of their open personality — and neither do they! They blend in or adapt to the people they interact with, and they can fit in anywhere or nowhere. One way or the other, they are always subject to the auric influences (definition) of the people in their environment. They are here to ... read more

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Will (Heart) Center Center [Undefined]

Theme: ego, willpower, courage, willfulness, heart

Description: People with undefined Heart Centers are not designed to be willful and competitive, yet they often feel driven by a need to find the courage to exercise their will. "Why can't I get what they have?" they ask. "Why can't I be as fast or as good as they are? I should be able to compete with them." While they want to exercise willpower, and to make and keep promises, they do not understand that they have no consistent energy to support either one.We live in a world that sends a constant stream of messages that we should/could/can be better, prettier, richer, faster, and more succe... read more

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Solar Plexus Center Center [Undefined]

Theme: emotions, pleasure, feelings, sexiness

Description: The undefined Solar Plexus Center absorbs and amplifies the emotions present in its environment. This center carries an especially deep conditioning potential, and can be particularly vulnerable to the needs, moods, and feelings of other people. It is critical for the health and well-being of the emotionally undefined to know when the emotions they are feeling and expressing are not entirely theirs, and that they can release them and protect themselves by not identifying with them. Otherwise, they bounce up and down on the emotional waves of others, knowing their emotions are o... read more

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Sacral Center Center [Open]

Theme: life force, generative and creative energy, sexuality

Description: The undefined Sacral Center is always vulnerable to the intense conditioning field (or buzz) created by the majority of human beings on the planet with defined Sacrals. It is extremely sensitive to the energy levels in people and places, and is capable of magnifying those energies. Those with undefined Sacral's are subject to elevated levels of energy pumping through bodies that are not equipped to handle it. They often run on this 'borrowed' energy, and over-extend themselves, leading to breakdown and exhaustion. Not designed to live in response, they can never rely on their o... read more

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Spleen Center Center [Defined]

Theme: immune system, intuition, instinct, taste, fear for survival

Description: The Splenic Center is responsible for our surviving and thriving with a sense of well-being in the world. It manages our instinct, intuition and taste which are processes for discerning what is or isn't healthy for our survival. Its non-verbal recognition operates in the present moment, in the 'now.' This vital, spontaneous information is what we call intuition, gut instinct or a hunch; it allows us to make trustworthy spontaneous judgments/decisions. Moment-to-moment awareness, however, means that the Spleen never repeats its first alarm. If we do not pay close attention to th... read more

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Root Center Center [Undefined]

Theme: stress, pressure, fuel for life, depression

Description: The undefined Root Center absorbs stress from its environment. People with an undefined Root are subject to pressures from those with a defined Root. Because the amplified pressure is uncomfortable, they are always trying to get rid of it, yet as soon as they do another pressure takes its place. They rush around and accomplish the work of three people, trying to resolve pressure that cannot be resolved. It's an endless, unsustainable cycle that eventually results in burn out.Undefined Roots take in and amplify the adrenalized Root Center stress in the world, but are not equippe... read more

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Sun symbolPersonality Sun — Gate 15.5 ♋︎

Sign: Cancer ♋︎ 02°17'54"

I'Ching: ䷎ Modesty

Planet theme: Life Force — How we express our 'light' in the world.

Gate: 15 — Gate 15

Gate theme: The quality of behavior which expresses the proper balance between extremes.

Gate drive: Love of Humanity, embracing different rhythms and extremes of behavior

Line: 5 — Sensitivity

Line description:
Fifth lines is what society wants to see a hexagram as. It is about ‘Sensitivity.’ Because the fifth line gets projected on that it is the extremist and that it is capable of extremes, it is also capable of rising to the occasion, or not. In other words, the fifth line has a kind of advantage, as many fifth lines do, that it does not have to be an extremist but it can certainly be an extremist when it is projected on that it is time to be extreme. This is the way society likes it. What society likes is the possibility that extremism can be tempered with in some way, based o... read more

Earth symbolPersonality Earth — Gate 10.5 ♑︎

Sign: Capricorn ♑︎ 02°17'54"

I'Ching: ䷉ Treading

Planet theme: Grounding and Balance — We find conscious balance when we are able to integrate the Personality correctly in our life.

Gate: 10 — Gate 10

Gate theme: The underlying code of behavior which ensures successful interaction despite circumstances.

Gate drive: Love of the Self. The love of being oneself.

Line: 5 — The Heretic

Line description:
The 10.5 has enormous impact on society. After all, the 10 is part of integration and integration is the backbone of being in the body, of being individuated. The 10.5 is where society projects onto behavior and onto how it wants to see behavior. Society sees the behavior at its most interesting as being heretical. It is society that sees if your behavior is unique and individual, that it in fact may be dangerous to the whole. All fifth lines are at one time exciting and at another time a threat to society, because it is the source of society’s projections and therefore can b... read more


The Color and Tone of the Personality Sun/Earth indicate the Motivation variable.

North Node symbolPersonality North Node — Gate 21.3 ♈︎

Sign: Aries ♈︎ 11°59'37"

I'Ching: ䷔ Biting Through

Planet theme: Future Direction and Environment — Not who you are, but instead frame what your Personality thinks about the world and itself.

Gate: 21 — Gate 21

Gate theme: The justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate and persistent interference.

Gate drive: To be in control. To control the circumstances.

Line: 3 — Powerlessness

Line description:
The third line is a line that is often totally misunderstood and misinterpreted. Whenever I meet 21.3’s, I do the best I can to correct them immediately about the nature of what this line is. Because of the keynote ‘Powerlessness,’ there is a false assumption connected to this. This is not about being without power. This is about the possibility of being powerless. An overview line, trial and error, Where the just are condemned to a futile confrontation with superior forces. This is the way logic works. If you break down what this sentence is actually saying, it says that... read more

South Node symbolPersonality South Node — Gate 48.3 ♎︎

Sign: Libra ♎︎ 11°59'37"

I'Ching: ䷯ The Well

Planet theme: Past Direction and Environment — How we perceive the world around us.

Gate: 48 — Gate 48

Gate theme: TIle necessary and qualitative foundation that is a prerequisite to establish the common good.

Gate drive: The Fear of Inadequacy

Line: 3 — Incommunicado

Line description:
When you come to the third line and the fourth line, you come to the themes of individuality. The theme about individual depth is the most difficult of all the lines in the 48. Both of these lines are indications of long term processes. I have both my Neptunes in the third and the fourth line. Until you get to your half-life point, to your mid-life, that is when you begin to get a benefit from the depth that can be developed here. Both ‘Incommunicado’ and ‘Restructuring’ are by their very nature long term processes, and this means that the depth is not there for a very ... read more


The Color and Tone of the Personality Nodes indicate the Perspective variable.

Moon symbolPersonality Moon — Gate 54.4 ♑︎

Sign: Capricorn ♑︎ 18°02'14"

I'Ching: ䷵ The Marrying Maiden

Planet theme: Driving Force — Emotions.

Gate: 54 — Gate 54

Gate theme: Interaction in its mundane social context but also one's mystical and cosmic relationship.

Gate drive: Pressure to achieve, to rise up, to transform.

Line: 4 — Enlightenment/Endarkenment

Line description:
When you come to this fourth line, it is the only line that is intrinsically different from the traditional I Ching that is, in its pure nature obviously there is no description. At the time of the discovery of Uranus, that was when the 54.4 went through its transformation, so we are dealing with something that is just a couple of hundred years old. One of the ways to look at this fourth line is to recognize something about the nature of what we have been looking at in terms of how ambition actually functions. The Marrying Maiden, this ability to rise up, to have this drive and... read more

Mercury symbolPersonality Mercury — Gate 39.4 ♋︎

Sign: Cancer ♋︎ 12°30'12"

I'Ching: ䷦ Obstruction

Planet theme: Communication and Thinking — Gives you insight into what you need to communicate in this life.

Gate: 39 — Gate 39

Gate theme: The value of obstruction in provoking analysis, assessment and re-evaluation.

Gate drive: Pressure to find the passion and spirit in life. Pressure to emote.

Line: 4 — Temperance

Line description:
We come to the fourth line, to the beginning of the upper trigram. It is about being unidirectional, it is about being fixed and one-minded. This fourth line is one of the great lines of the 384 lines. It is such a complex line. Even the language of this line, its keynotes, they come from everywhere. The fourth line is called ‘Temperance.’ It sounds very much like the introduction to the 12th hexagram, Careful evaluation and assessment before taking action, before provoking. The nature of the gate is not about doing, it is about provoking.  Moon exalted, The values of ... read more

Venus symbolPersonality Venus — Gate 52.4 ♋︎

Sign: Cancer ♋︎ 07°23'19"

I'Ching: ䷳ Keeping Still (Mountain)

Planet theme: Values and Sociology — Values

Gate: 52 — Gate 52

Gate theme: Temporary and self-imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment.

Gate drive: Pressure to focus your energy, to concentrate

Line: 4 — Self-Discipline

Line description:
The fourth line is actually the exalted line, because you have a channel that is all about being fixed and focused. We know that fourth line themes are about being fixed and one-tracked and single-minded. So, obviously the nature of this fourth line in this particular gate and channel is really the key force at work in this hexagram. It says, ‘Self-discipline.’ Saturn exalted, Perfected self-discipline and restraint that deals easily and wisely with impulsive temptations. The energy for restraint which recognizes the value of stillness and focus.  Basically, rather tha... read more

Mars symbolPersonality Mars — Gate 24.3 ♉︎

Sign: Taurus ♉︎ 10°22'07"

I'Ching: ䷗ The Return

Planet theme: Immaturity and Energy Dynamics — Opportunity for growth.

Gate: 24 — Gate 24

Gate theme: The natural and spontaneous process of transformation and renewal.

Gate drive: Fear of Ignorance

Line: 3 — The Addict

Line description:
This is the line of adaptation. Here both the resonances from the emotional side and the splenic side is bonds made and broken. This becomes very difficult. It becomes a hooking into and a snapping out of the knowing process. This can be very difficult because, after all, this gate is called Returning. It is about going through the process of figuring out what is knowable, what you can know, what is worth knowing. This line is called ‘The Addict.’ The powerful attraction of regressive forms. Venus exalted, The ultimate though difficult triumph over regression.  Jupiter... read more

Jupiter symbolPersonality Jupiter — Gate 16.1 ♊︎

Sign: Gemini ♊︎ 06°31'11"

I'Ching: ䷏ Enthusiasm

Planet theme: Law and Protection — Defines our outer development, and relationship to the other and the whole.

Gate: 16 — Gate 16

Gate theme: The great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy.

Gate drive: I experiment/identify or not. To skillfully master something.

Line: 1 — Delusion

Line description:
The first line always acts as a foundation. Here the first line is called ‘Delusion.’ It says, False enthusiasm. The Earth exalted, The daydreamer. One of the things to understand about the nature of these skills is that one has to identify with the skills, but one does not necessarily get the energy or the depth to be able to enrich the skills and turn them into manifestation. Daydreaming is something very important in the logical process. We already saw that in the 62.1, that in order to be able to establish the best detail, one needs to go into a fantasy world in order t... read more

Saturn symbolPersonality Saturn — Gate 22.3 ♓︎

Sign: Pisces ♓︎ 19°23'33"

I'Ching: ䷕ Grace

Planet theme: Discipline (The Judge) — Place in your life where living out of alignment can cause turmoil and problems.

Gate: 22 — Gate 22

Gate theme: A quality of behavior best suited in handling mundane and trivial situations

Gate drive: Fear of Silence

Line: 3 — The Enchanter

Line description:
The 22.3 is one of those attributes that people write and sing about. It is an emotional type that through the 12th gate gets written about in love stories and poetry and songs. The third line is about adaptation and  it is about bonds made and broken. It is about allegiance and rejection. This line is called ‘The Enchanter.’ This is the capacity of  Perfected Grace, or Openness. That perfected openness is simply a genetic gift and it is not something that is anything other than self-involved. It is individual. That openness is there and it is perfect, but it does... read more

Uranus symbolPersonality Uranus — Gate 8.1 ♉︎

Sign: Taurus ♉︎ 25°21'19"

I'Ching: ䷇ Holding Together

Planet theme: Unusualness, Chaos and Order — How you express your unusualness/originality.

Gate: 8 — Gate 8

Gate theme: The basic worth realized in contributing individual efforts to group goals.

Gate drive: I can make a contribution or not. Unique self expression.

Line: 1 — Honesty

Line description:
First lines always speak of the essence of a hexagram and this first line is called ‘Honesty.’ It says, The truthful acceptance of limitation and the recognition that it can only be transcended through sharing.  This is so important: the Individual is always limited, because nothing in the individual process can actually flower unless it is being accepted either by the collective or the tribe. We have already seen that social pressures are going to be very important in the development of an individual life. This 8th gate is a deep recognition that the individual is the... read more

Neptune symbolPersonality Neptune — Gate 25.2 ♓︎

Sign: Pisces ♓︎ 29°54'33"

I'Ching: ䷘ Innocence

Planet theme: Illusion and Spirituality — Where we lose the ability to see any limitations, potential for abuse.

Gate: 25 — Gate 25

Gate theme: The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature.

Gate drive: Universal love, retaining innocence despite circumstances

Line: 2 — The Existentialist

Line description:
In these gates of Love, we will see that we have certain lines which are unusual in their performance or values. This second line is particularly so. It embodies the nature of what innocence really is. Innocence is only possible existentially. There is no other way to be innocent. Following what we have seen about collective love - we have seen that collective love is rooted in being oneself and selflessness, - motiveless-ness is rooted in the now. Only in the now is one free of guile. ‘The Existentialist.’ Devotion and dedication to the now. Like all lower trigrams, the mo... read more

Pluto symbolPersonality Pluto — Gate 60.6 ♒︎

Sign: Aquarius ♒︎ 01°32'28"

I'Ching: ䷻ Limitation

Planet theme: Truth and Transformation — Your truth, and where to find the light within the darkness.

Gate: 60 — Gate 60

Gate theme: The acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence.

Gate drive: Pressure to mutate, to transcend limitation

Line: 6 — Rigidity

Line description:
The sixth line is the line of transition, and here it is in a mutative gate and a mutative channel. So it represents a mutation that can be quite profound in the nature of what is possible in the mutative field. The line itself is called ‘Rigidity,’ and it has Uranus exalted. It says, The intuitive intellect to recognize when absolute rigidity is essential but with innovative applications to lessen its severity.  A fixed energy that is unusual in its capacity for restraint.  One of the things about the nature of the 6th line is that it is so clear to it that restr... read more

Chiron symbolPersonality Chiron — Gate 42.3 ♈︎

Sign: Aries ♈︎ 23°03'32"

I'Ching: ䷩ Increase

Planet theme: Wounded healer — exposing our deep pain, how we address that pain, and how our own healing powers have the ability to help others

Gate: 42 — Gate 42

Gate theme: The expansion of the resources which maximizes the development of full potential.

Gate drive: Closes a cycle and brings things to an end.

Line: 3 — Trial and Error

Line description:
Everything that we have been talking about in terms of third lines, here you get to see the archetype of what a third line is. After all, when you are dealing with the abstract you are dealing with the experiential way, you are dealing with the human process and the keynote of the third line is ‘Trial and Error.’ This is the term that we have been using - trial and error, bonds made and broken. In times of increase -you can substitute increase for growth, this is the maturing process; how we grow is through trial and error- mistakes are a natural part of the process. Mars e... read more

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