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Discover your inner mechanics

cu·​rio [ˈkyu̇r-ē-ˌō  ˈkyər-&]   
something considered novel, rare, or bizarre : CURIOSITY; an unusual or bizarre person (be curious) is a website and community for learning about and discussing the Human Design System. Members of are known as "curios" because we are all embracing our own unique way of being.

The mission of this site is to provide Human Design information and tools to both newbies and seasoned professionals. The long-term vision is to put emphasis on the us in, creating a supportive community of like-minded people (curios) dedicated to embracing their own differentiated nature through de-conditioning. 

As someone who has enjoyed learning, researching, and testing different personality psychology schools of thought, discovering Human Design felt like I had finally found the information I had been craving, which unlocked secret blueprints to the human experience. At the time I had been growing out of Enneagram and had been invited to study Astrology by a friend. In my astrological meanderings I happened upon Human Design, and the no-nonsense practicality and "it is what it is" approach really spoke to me on a deep level.

It became clear early on this was a system I wanted to understand forwards and backwards, and I have delighted in my journey of awakening to my own inner mechanics. Part of how I do that is by creating different kinds of tools to help me calculate, compare, and review information. This helps me pull together the minutia so I can build a 360° view based on real data, which I can then relate back to source material. I am excited to share these tools with the HD community, hopefully supporting many others on their journey of discovery living from correctness.

My vision for is to cultivate a digital space where we can share experiences, discover interesting metrics about ourselves and the world around us, and ultimately use the knowledge we've gained through HD to improve the human experience, even if it's just our own.

Let's be our weird and differentiated selves, together!

—Brianna, 4/6 Emotional Projector