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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is What is is a website built for people interested in exploring the Human Design System, which uses birth data to calculate a unique chart that acts as a sort of practical blueprint for living in harmony with one's innate gifts and energies.

This site provides a standard Human Design Quantum Chart, or BodyGraph, along with several other advanced charts such as transit charts, DreamRave charts, and magic/resonance squares. In addition to the charts, there is also a searchable Human Design Knowledge Base (hdkb) and other advanced learning and calculation tools — descriptions for all features can be found in the Site Features section below.

This site is also accessible through the URL, it is the same site.

How do I join Is free?

In order to join, you must have an invite code. Site membership is free, but extended chart features (e.g. transit chart, DreamRave) are limited to your personal chart only. Subscription membership will unlock the advanced features and charts for all of your saved charts and famous charts. View the full list of member benefits.

What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph. The BodyGraph is a graphic illustration of the energetic flow within your system, a blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world. Your Human Design chart contains all the information you need to discover the key aspects of your true nature to begin your experiment. It gives you a user manual to living your life in the most fulfilling way.

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Site Features
How do I set my personal chart?


What do the different chart types mean?
Quantum Chart

This chart is the standard, most commonly known chart, also known as a BodyGraph. This chart type provides foundational information that determines your natal aura type, authority, center/channel/gate definition, profile, incarnation cross, and variables.

Transit Charts

A transit is referring to the current gate activations due to the locations of the various celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, etc). This type of chart overlays these transiting energies over your quantum chart to indicate non-natal energies that you may be feeling influenced by at a given point in time (i.e. transit Saturn activating Gate 61 in an undefined head center connecting with a hanging Gate 24 in the Ajna, causing head definition that isn't usually there).


The DreamRave is an advanced chart that shows a one's energy while they sleep. This chart type can illuminate interesting themes in one's dreams and even the type of conditioning/not-self patterns that might be prevalent in one's waking life. Advanced training/research is highly recommended before trying to understand this type of chart.

Resonance (Magic) Square

The Resonance Square, also known as Magic Square, is a chart that focuses specifically on the energies and themes of activations in the nine celestial bodies not part of the variable calculations (everything but sun/earth, north/south nodes). There is a square for both the personality (mind) and design (body) side of the quantum chart, and can provide insight on keynotes to watch for as one is on their deconditioning journey.

How do I get help with something on the site? What if I found something broken?

If you are unable to get your question answered through this FAQ page, you can request help in the Discord server. Use the widget in the right sidebar on this page to join the server. All members can request support through the Community Support channel, and subscription members have access to submitting to the Help Ticket channel for private support. The Community Support channel allows for the community to help answer questions.

Subscriptions and Billing
How much does subscription membership cost?

Subscription membership includes monthly and annual payment options.

Monthly: $7.77 USD      
Annual: $84 USD ∗save 11%∗

View the full list of member benefits

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are managed through Stripe and the Stripe Customer Portal. To access your portal, click on your username in the top menu and on your profile landing page you will see a link to manage your subscription.