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Aura Quality
Resistant and Sampling
Wait for the full cycle of the moon
Not-Self Theme

Reflectors stand alone — totally unique in their perspective, quietly unobtrusive in their auric presence, and extraordinary in their role. They are born with a special attunement to the cosmic environment, and to the impact of tl1e neutrino field on human beings. Like a canary in a coal mine, they sample, reflect and judge the quality ofthe environment on any given day. Reflectors can be so attuned to the transit program that they can also measure other's attunement to it. They sense who is living authentically, or who has been conditioned by the transit field and become a victim of it. The more people allow their lives to be conditioned by the transits, the farther away they are from fulfilling their unique potential. Reflectors can tell who is ready to become their own authority. They sense or feel the physical, psychic or emotional health of an environment, community or group, and they are here to judge what is working correctly or not. As people become awake and aware, Reflectors are there, ready to objectively share or reflect what they have sampled. This process is how the Reflector moves to the center and becomes 'visible.'

Reflectors are here to enliven and lift up the energy of others. In a rather extraordinary way, Reflectors can amplify and reflect or mirror other people's energy back to them. It is a unique aptitude which facilitates an experience of heightened awareness in terms of what they see in the other, yet in a non-judgmental way. The unimposing, non-intrusive nature of their auric presence also makes Reflectors particularly effective facilitators of the group process. All of this remains only a potential for Reflectors, however, until they are able to operate as themselves, rather than an amplified version of the homogenized world around them.

Many of the characteristics that differentiate Reflectors today resonate from a time when our earliest human ancestors lived in harmony with the cosmos, in flow with nature, and in community with each other. Over the eons, their ways of surviving within the natural flow were systemically replaced by the aggressive, strategic ways of evolving mental awareness. Once mental superiority was in place, hierarchies arose based on dominance, and unimposing, gentle Reflectors were not among them. A new natural hierarchy is beginning to emerge, however, in which Reflectors will play an exquisite role as they stand for ultimate justice. With their quiet, unobtrusive aura, they will fill their rightful place at the center of the Type hierarchy by reflecting back into the world the not-self injustices they see humanity perpetuating on itself They are here to prod humanity toward a cooperative, just, peaceful and equitable global community in preparation for those born after 2027 with spirit awareness. For Reflectors to move into this position and fulfill this role, the three other Types must be authentic, aware and open to the Reflector's assessment or judgment.

Manifestors, Generators and Projectors are solar Types, meaning their purpose 'shines' through them. As the only lunar Type, the Reflector is designed to operate as a lunar reflection of the sun's programming, and to reflect the program's neutrino imprinting process. Like the moon, the Reflector's 'glow'is subtle, yet wields substantial influence, especially when it is detected or noted by others.

The chemistry of Reflectors' nine undefined centers can sample as well as magnify the frequencies of everything and everyone in their environment, giving them the potential to taste or sense what is really happening in a way no one else can. The unique potential of their openness is to reflect everything around them with perfect equanimity, which makes their openness an exceptional window to wisdom. Even with all nine centers open, however, Reflectors are not more vulnerable to conditioning than the other Types. Reflectors are, in fact, the most resilient of the four Types, protected by an aura that is described as resistant and sampling. This unusual aura allows them to appraise or read transient auras without taking in the frequencies too deeply. It is a gift that specially equips them to discern if and when a person is ready to step out and express their uniqueness, rather than remain absorbed in the homogenized world of the not-self When Reflectors know their design clearly, and avoid yielding to the pressures of society to conform, their auras will protect them from identifying with anything that they take in through their openness. They can become wise about the process, and simply remain wide open to what is passing through them. Detecting a blip, or something that is unusual or out of line around them, is an aspect of their gift. With their potential to easily connect to a celestial body in an ongoing and profound way, particularly the Moon, they can have a mystical life that most of us cannot know.

In many respects, they are our key to understanding and participating in global consciousness, as their extraordinary openness is continually filtering the consciousness field. They are actually here to sample and be one with the totality.

Reflectors are not necessarily interested in studying themselves. They are not overly interested in their impact on others either. Every day is different for a Reflector, so the questions uppermost in their mind are,"Who am I today?" and "Will I be surprised, included or invisible?" Ifthey live as themselves, theirs is truly a carefree and joy-filled nature designed to live in the wonder of the moment. The real magic of Reflectors is expressed best in the newness, freshness and surprise that they experience every day, and their sense that there is always something more, always something else. Unfortunately, most Reflectors live a homogenized life, trying to be something they are not simply because they haven't been understood or encouraged to embrace their difference. Too often, finding the world unreceptive, cold and disappointing, they give in to expectations just to survive.When they begin to appreciate their uniqueness and practice detachment from (or not identifYing with) what they are mirroring, they will be less apt to become lost, confused and caught up in the turmoil around them. They will accept their place in the center rather than be left feeling invisible, and on the outside looking in.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.