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Not-Self Theme
not knowing when enough is enough

Those who enter the world with a defined Sacral Center are the custodians of an enormous source of power. Every day their Sacral motor generates a certain amount of energy that feels like a constant buzz humming away within them. This is a genuine vitality which can be experienced as restlessness, an inability to sit still, or a need to burn energy by being active. Nothing is more important for them than to find personal expression and deep satisfaction by using their daily supply of energy for work or activities they love to do.

The Sacral is very powerful in response. When asked a yes or no question, its immediate response reveals whether the energy requested is currently available to itself and others, or not. If a response is affirmative, or moves toward something, the Sacral's full power is behind the decision. If the response is unenthusiastic, or the energy feels like it is pulling back, the activity cannot be sustained without overextending the Sacral's generative energy.

For example, when somebody asks, "Do you want to learn how to play tennis?" and you hear the Sacral say "nuh uh," that is the truth. And this truth must be honored because it is the only way defined Sacrals will know if they have the energy for what they are being asked to do. In practical terms, what they heard was their Sacral voice telling them that the energy is not available at this time. Each negative Sacral response sets a clear and healthy boundary that protects them from potential harm, embarrassment or from merely overextending their energy. They cannot stick with commitments they have not entered correctly through response. Sacral energy is simply not available to support decisions made with your mind. This is why it is essential to know how to respond, and how to correctly engage this energy in productive and fulfilling ways. If Generators allow a mental decision to usurp their Sacral's immediate response, they will most likely meet resistance, experience exhaustion, frustration and unhappiness, or quit.

Not completing what they have started has earned Generators a reputation for being the great quitters of the world. Avoiding this scenario begins with understanding that the nature of the Sacral's frequency is to persevere in order to master a skill or achieve competency. This energy is set in motion and sustained by response, by correctly committing their energy to begin with. Unlike manifestation, which occurs through the Throat Center, Sacral energy reaches plateaus and must have the power to persist through those 'stuck' points until a sudden breakthrough (initiation) propels one to the next level of mastery. Without Sacral energy, these recurring plateaus can become insurmountable obstacles, sources of frustration, fatigue and the temptation to quit. The only way that those with a defined Sacral can make sure that their persevering Sacral energy is firmly behind them from the beginning is through an affirmative response.

The mantra and Strategy, therefore, for the defined Sacral Center is 'do not initiate.' ever take the first step or move toward something without being asked so it can respond. The moment one initiates, the connection to the sacral source of the power to persevere is broken. The secret is to wait, and keep the Sacral available so that it can respond to exactly what is right for each of us individually. Listening to the primal sounds of the Sacral responses tells one if there is energy available. Knowing that there is reliable energy to fulfill a commitment, and finding satisfaction in doing it, builds a Generator's confidence in making decisions that are correct, and builds trust in sacral sounds.

Others can feel the powerful and available resources of a defined Sacral Center, and they will want to take advantage of this energy. Letting the mind talk the Sacral into doing something that is not right for it, will simply lead to frustration, and a society of 'slaves' working with no energy at something they do not love. We must honor the Sacral's limitations by honoring its guidance through the sounds it makes.

Perhaps the hardest thing for people with Sacral definition to accept is that their trustworthy response is a mechanical process, and neither rational nor aware. Responses are not judgments of right or wrong, and they do not come with the rational or articulated vocabulary to explain them. Response is so pure that it bypasses awareness altogether. Generators often describe it as life making a decision through them, and that's exactly what happens. It doesn't matter what they 'think' their life should look like, as the life force knows what is correct for them, and what they have energy for. This is their truth. Their patient and expectant waiting allows the universe to bring life to them, while their responses attune them to the ebb and flow of the unique path and purpose they are here to live.


The undefined Sacral Center is always vulnerable to the intense conditioning field (or buzz) created by the majority of human beings on the planet with defined Sacrals. It is extremely sensitive to the energy levels in people and places, and is capable of magnifying those energies. Those with undefined Sacral's are subject to elevated levels of energy pumping through bodies that are not equipped to handle it. They often run on this 'borrowed' energy, and over-extend themselves, leading to breakdown and exhaustion. Not designed to live in response, they can never rely on their own sounds to guide their decisions, or to tell them when enough is enough.

Without a defined Sacral Center, the Manifestor, Projector, and Reflector types, are particularly subject to energy excesses. They are not born knowing when enough is enough, or how to establish healthy boundaries for themselves. With their undefined Sacral filled to overflowing by other people's energy, they are always busy with work and family and never know when to quit. They take on too much and feel like slaves, but don't really know what to do about it. When they recognize they are tired, they override this and push on through, jeopardizing their health. They don't know when (or understand how) to pull away from the Sacral energy around them and realign with their own personal Authority.

It is difficult for them to know when it is correct to enter a situation/relationship versus when to wait, or how long to stay or when to get out. They are constantly taking in other people's Sacral fuel, so it is wise to make sure that the fuel is the right kind for their vehicle. Understanding how they connect to the people around them is the key to maintaining their vitality and a healthy open Sacral, and this can only be achieved by experimenting with their Strategy and Authority.

The Sacral Center is about the availability, or not, of pure, generative, life-force energy, particularly sexual energy. The undefined Sacral has no consistent boundaries, and with a potential for deep conditioning in this area, can be anywhere from mildly curious to obsessed with sex. Each sexual experience will be unique because the undefined Sacral is being conditioned either positively or negatively by its partner. This information is especially important for teenagers as they mature. The potential wisdom of this undefined center is to learn about healthy sex and safe boundaries, and to be able to discern when enough is enough. This includes learning to rely on their Strategy and Authority to enter relationships correctly in the first place.

Consistent levels of generative and persevering energy are not available to people with an undefined Sacral; the energy is there and then it's not there. If they understand and respect this, they will take time to rest when rest is needed. They should not ignore their energy levels. Failure to properly manage their energy can lead to serious sleep problems, resulting in insufficient, non-rejuvenating rest. Just as they amplify the defined Sacral's energy, they can also magnifY its fatigue, erroneously thinking it is their own. The healthy bedtime practice for undefined Sacral's is to go to bed early, before they are tired, to ease into sleep. They need this quiet time alone to release the Sacral energy buzz they have taken in during the day.

Most people with undefined Sacrals, when truly honest, admit they don't really want to work. They would love to relax and let others do the hard work. When we observe those with undefined Sacrals, however, this usually is not what we experience because the Sacral is one of the most easily and deeply conditioned centers. The sheer number of defined Sacrals, and size of the overall Generator field on the planet, easily overwhelms undefined Sacrals.

When at peace with their undefined Sacral, however, the three open-Sacral Types are relaxed, have healthy boundaries, and through their Authority know when enough is enough. They work in spurts, taking plenty of time for rest. They respect their inconsistent energy flow. They enjoy taking in the life-force energy of others without responding to it or identifying with it. They balance their work with rest, and become wise about the ways the creative, powerful and responsive energy of the Sacral operates, and can be best utilized by those who are generating it.


The completely open Sacral does not know what to use its energy for. It finds its own energy scattered all over the place, drawn to this thing or that thing. There is no longer a question of knowing when enough is enough; it merely waits for exhaustion from inappropriate and excessive activity to overwhelm it so it can stop.

Many have been drawn through this openness into a fascination with who we are and why we exist. People with completely open Sacral's like Krishnamurti, Osho and Ra Uru Hu have given us deep insights into the nature of being. The wisdom available here is that one can truly measure the life force — can become wise about what energy is really for - and can then express or describe the many qualities this unique energy makes available to humanity.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.