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For those with a defined Solar Plexus Center, this is their place of personal Authority, and it operates as awareness over time. They are designed to wait through the ups and downs of the emotional wave before making decisions. It is not easy for them to be patient. The Solar Plexus is an immature emotional center driven by a motor, and it houses a lot of energy. Their task is to learn how to patiently harness the potential benefits of this energy as they flow with it. Their tendency i to jump in when they are high on their wave and jump out when they are low. In both circumstances, they are emotionally impulsive rather than emotionally clear. Clarity is only available after waiting out the emotional wave. At a minimum, those with a defined Solar Plexus Center need to sleep on things before making an important decision.

When the Solar Plexus is defined, the feelings these people have about 'this' or 'that' become an authoritative guide. These feelings are indicators of what is correct for them or not. "Does it feel good to do that? How do you feel about it?" These are important questions they need to be asked. It is essential for them to take time to fully experience their range of feelings without being rushed. Emotional clarity is reached when there is no longer an emotional charge attached to the decision. Making decisions from still waters is easier said than done. When people are excited they tend to jump, only to regret it after they reach emotional clarity. Patiently waiting for clarity will protect the defined Solar Plexus Center from making spontaneous decisions that may result in poor choices.

As people move through their wave, it helps to understand that the emotional cycle is a dynamic, chemical process, and that hope and pain are not end points of awareness. Awareness comes as clarity at the end of the emotional wave's cycle. Knowing what is correct takes time, and there are no short cuts. In addition, emotional clarity is not a certainty. The Splenic Center gives an absolute answer in the moment, while the constantly moving Solar Plexus wave samples the present moment as one of many points along the way. In the end, there is no guarantee that 100% emotional clarity is possible because the wave keeps moving. There will come a time, however, when emotional calmness is reached and a deeper truth is recognized about the decision to be made.

Solar Plexus energy is juicy, seductive, and powerful, which gives those with emotional Authority an advantage if they wait out their wave. It is kind of like playing hard to get. The longer others wait, the more they will want the Solar Plexus' warmth and energy. In a business negotiation, waiting until they are clear rather than consummating a quick deal, gives them the upper hand. If the other backs out before the defined Solar Plexus reaches clarity, the deal probably wasn't correct for them to begin with.

There is a complex interaction between those who are emotionally defined and those who are open. Those with definition are responsible for the emotional environment as a whole because they color it with their waves. They impact others merely by how they feel inside, by the pure mechanics of their chemistry and how it is transmitted through their aura. When those with definition feel good or bad, those with undefined emotional centers will feel VERY good or VERY bad as they amplify the frequency. In other words, the undefined center reflects back to those with defined centers just how they are feeling, or where they are in their emotional process. It's interesting to note that people with emotional definition, being so familiar with it, don't always notice their emotionality, whereas those who are undefined are conditioned to think that they are the moody, emotional ones instead.

The attraction between an undefined and a defined Solar Plexus is both common and strong among couples. Despite the warmth and strong attraction of this center, those with a defined Solar Plexus need to take their time when entering into a new relationship. It's only over time that they will know if someone is right for them or not. When they learn to know someone through their wave, they will know them deeply, They will see how their emotions impact the other person, how that person handles the highs and lows of their emotional wave. Manipulative and passive-aggressive behaviors can surface in relationships between defined and undefined emotional systems, and it takes time for these patterns to reveal themselves. Long courtships are not only advisable — they are essential to the success of the relationship.

The advantage of having emotional definition is the depth that can be cultivated on any topic. As one moves through the wave, its many perspectives can bring great insight. For example, a photographer who wants to understand the nature of a flower. The Splenically-oriented photographer would take one picture capturing an exquisite moment, but for those with a defined Solar Plexus, one picture would never be enough. They would take a series of pictures all day long, changing the light, the perspective, the camera. They would know how the flower looks in the morning and how it looks when the sun sets. They would know its fragrance, how it feels to the touch, and how it looks bending in the wind. When the emotional system is given the time it needs to unfold, it becomes an intelligence with deep sensitivity that grasps things at the ever-changing emotional level, the level of spirit.

When those with a defined Solar Plexus Center do not wait out their wave, they tend to be impulsive, jumping in and out of experiences and decisions on the high or low end of their emotional wave, thereby creating chaos and confusion. They put others in their environment under pressure to make immediate emotional decisions with them. When they are upset, they blow up rather than wait for a moment of calm from which to act or speak, only to regret later what they said or did. They do not recognize the importance of being alone when down in their wave.

Waiting through their wave allows emotionally healthy people to be in touch with how they are feeling as they move along their wave. Without being impulsive or spontaneous, they take their time and ride out their emotions until they feel a sense of clarity before making a decision. They understand how their emotions affect others and do not place pressure on them by being pushy. They know how to take advantage of the seductive side of their emotional definition by using their need "to wait" to reach carefully considered agreements that satisfy the desires of all involved.


The undefined Solar Plexus Center absorbs and amplifies the emotions present in its environment. This center carries an especially deep conditioning potential, and can be particularly vulnerable to the needs, moods, and feelings of other people. It is critical for the health and well-being of the emotionally undefined to know when the emotions they are feeling and expressing are not entirely theirs, and that they can release them and protect themselves by not identifying with them. Otherwise, they bounce up and down on the emotional waves of others, knowing their emotions are out of control but interpreting that as something wrong within themselves. They repeatedly make emotional decisions which leave them regretful and plagued by shame or blame, a burden the undefined Solar Plexus is not genetically designed to handle.

Open centers are like open windows. The Solar Plexus is designed to take in and sample the emotional field, but only for informational purposes. It is not healthy to identify with or personalize that field, or it becomes theirs, and they do not have a reliable built-in way to deal with it. They lose their transparency, their ability to merely reflect an emotion back to its owner.

Those with an undefined Solar Plexus may feel as though they have been emotionally out of control all their lives. When emotionally confronted, they may experience sensations that include fear, terror, shock, and anger. They may bounce from happiness to depression, personalizing emotions and feelings as if they were their own when, in fact, they are simply taking in, amplifying, and distorting the emotions of those around them. They may suffer from being punished and rejected by others who perceive them as emotionally unstable. They often feel something is wrong with them. They are generally so sensitive to the emotional climate that they have personalized emotionally charged events over the years, hanging on to and taking the blame for what does not belong to them.

Children who are open emotionally take in and personalize their family's emotional ups and downs, amplifying and often 'acting out' their confusion. Thinking that they are personally responsible for making the waves, they decide at an early age that it is better to lie about or hide the truth of themselves deep inside rather than suffer a parent's emotional outburst. When the situation is reversed, and the parent is open emotionally and the child defined, the parent can lose control and become over-reactive while amplifying the emotions of the child. Understanding these dynamics can help us raise healthy, stable, independent children - and enjoy parenting.

Confrontation makes emotionally undefined people nervous. As they mature, they develop not-self strategies to avoid emotional backlash by steering clear of confronting others for fear of rocking the boat or upsetting someone. They develop a persona that says, "I won't upset you if you won't upset me." They attempt to sidestep any potential confrontation that might follow if they dare to express their own truth or needs. Though those with open Solar Plexus Centers will never enjoy dealing with emotional confrontation, their Strategy and Authority will guide them to confrontations which are correct for them to face.

It is often just the thought of confrontation that keeps those with an open Solar Plexus frozen in terror. The actual confrontation may be much easier than imagined when they stand in their own Authority, and the results may end up being the best thing that could happen because it is correct. If confrontations are always avoided, life is lived on a superficial level. It helps to remember that on the other side of pain is pleasure, and on the other side of fear is the freedom to be ourselves. Confrontation when handled correctly, when we simply speak our own truth rather than blaming someone else, is a catalyst for healthy transformation.

Access to the full spectrum of this center's great pleasures, such as sexual energy, food, passion, excitement, romance and music, is available to those with defined or undefined Solar Plexus Centers. For emotions to be a beautiful experience for the undefined center, however, they cannot identify with them. Awareness of the emotional wave allows them to let go of patterns and emotions that never belonged to them, which in itself can bring tremendous relief When they understand why emotions have been so difficult, they can begin to properly realign their lives to their own personal Authority. They are able to discern who is or is not emotionally healthy for them, and when it is appropriate to confront others with their truth or needs, or to walk away. They discern which emotional fears are theirs to deal with and which are not, and do not make emotional decisions. They realize the emotions they take in and feel in an amplified state are from others, and do not attach to them.

A healthy undefined Solar Plexus Center is a barometer of the emotional health of others; it can be a good objective observer of the emotional climate. Its wisdom takes the form of discerning who is making progress toward emotional health, stability and spirit awareness. On its own, it can remain emotionally cool, and allows those with undefined Solar Plexus' to rely on their Strategy. When they suddenly feel uncomfortable emotionally, they know they can leave the room, and the conditioning auras of others, until the coolness returns. It is a good practice for them to enjoy some time alone every day in order to release the emotional conditioning they have taken in.


Although many characteristics of the undefined Solar Plexus Center also apply, the completely open Solar Plexus differs in that it does not have any way of filtering or connecting to incoming potent, emotional energy. Those with a completely open center can be confused by what they are feeling, and don't know how to interpret it. They don't know what to desire, when to be sensitive or passionate, or how to recognize and deal with people's needs or moods. They often feel something is wrong with them emotionally. The potential wisdom is to know and understand the emotional waves in their purest state without anything coloring or prejudicing them.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.