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Discover your inner mechanics

1st Line Personality — Conscious Introspection

Behavioral Identity Modesty

Projected Attitude Authoritarian

Limited Perspective Empathy

Aspired-to Role Creativity

Bonding Strategy Pursuer/Pursued

Security Strategy Self-Provider/Coveter

Emotional Resonance Weakness/Strength

Awareness Resonance Weakness/Strength

3rd Line Design — Unconscious Adaptation

Nature Martyr

Type Anarchist

Memory Pessimism

Direction Sustainment

Sexuality Bonds made and broken

Humanity Bonds made and broken

Wave Resonance Allegiance/Rejection

Frequency Resonance Partnership/Dependency

Background: The geometry of the Personal Destiny trigram begins with the 1/3 profile - the first of the 12 roles, and the personification and foundation of our human experience. The 1/3 is unique in that it is the only profile with both lines in the lower trigram. At this foundational level, the 1st line represents the conscious Personality, the mind and how we think. The 3rd line represents the unconscious Design, the body, and our physical experience in the mundane world. We are a species that is driven by fear for our survival to investigate until we understand or find security through a solid foundation. This is not always possible in the ever-changing world that we live in, but the search for this security drives and mutates our species forward. Mutation is the continual process of finding out what does not work so that we can survive. The 1/3 sets the theme for the on-going 'human' journey of bumping into, investigating what we bump into, and resolving and understanding the unknown.

Investigator Martyrs, very insecure when not standing on a solid foundation, are driven to seek authorities that can provide them with secure grounding for their trial and error process. Their self-absorbed Investigator Personalities are very creative, and are healthiest and most productive when well prepared and well educated. They enjoy their long hours of introspection, and find strength in eventually establishing themselves as an authority so that their personal destiny remains in their own hands. Their Martyr Vehicles or bodies are designed to discover how to navigate the material plane by bumping into things, or being bumped into, literally and figuratively. Adaptable and resilient, they are able to pick themselves up and announce to the world the truth of what does not work.

Personal: You are consciously focused on finding inner strength by establishing a secure foundation, while your unconscious Design naturally bumps into things that continually surprise you and others with 'accidental' discoveries. You have a deeply internal destiny and can be like a chameleon, not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself until you feel secure as an authority. Gray areas can make you feel weak and uncomfortable, and drive you to seek answers. An open and willing student, you are on a path to develop strength through mastery.

You are here to be in charge of your own life, as well as a voice and person of authority in your field of expertise. Learning about relationships is a lifelong trial and error journey for you as you travel along, head down and absorbed in introspection, and yet bumping into people along the way. When something about a relationship isn't secure or harmonious, you can become uncomfortable and break the bond. You will then renegotiate the bond, either strengthening the relationship or bringing it to an end. This can happen repeatedly, and is the correct way that your relationships are deepened and kept healthy, or brought to completion so you can move on to one that works.

In addition, your Martyr side has a tendency to look at all of life as a potential untruth, even while your Investigator side is seeking a solid truth to build its authority around. You cannot be lied to, and even as a child you quickly found out who was telling you the truth and what you could trust. If you can surrender, your Strategy and Authority will guide you correctly through life, as your 1st line Personality augments the trial and error process with further investigation. It's also important that you have control over your environment as you have to be free to progress organically from one discovery to the next. You are empowered when encouraged to investigate or speak the truth about what does not work.

Interpersonal: Martyrs are often blamed for mistakes that aren't even theirs, which can undermine their self-esteem and create an 'us against them' mentality, feelings of shame, or an inferiority complex. If they, and those around them, understand that life is simply a constant and necessary process of trial and error, ending in discoveries that can then support a solid foundation, they can find strength in their journey. The focus must always be on what was learned from the experience, rather than the perception that they have made a mistake for which they are to be punished or ridiculed. This is the positive reinforcement that is especially important when raising a 1/3 child. When properly encouraged, the moment a 1/3 child finds out that the foundation does not work, there is the potential for wonderfully artful and creative discoveries to happen.

Even though they may seem stubborn or resistant to taking the advice of others, in truth, 1/3's must do it for themselves through direct experience in order to discover and learn. Parents can be their strongest allies, encouraging them to "try" it, and then fostering a "tell me what you learned" attitude, rather than "look what you did wrong."1his allows 1/3's to learn through discovery, which encourages them to continue this process throughout their life, and allows them to ultimately contribute to humanity, and improve life for all of us. The only true failure for a 3rd line is to not learn from their trial and error process. Investigative Martyrs can become secure self-providers on the material plane when encouraged to take charge of themselves.

The chain of 12 profiles begins with a 1/3 and ends with a 6/3. The 3rd line themes of mutation, trial and error, discovery, bumping into things, and bonds made and broken, are important and prominent in humanity. These are themes of the mundane world that bind us all together and keep our species evolving. All 6th lines live a 3rd line process in the first 30 years of their life, therefore, half of the 12 profiles carry a 3rd line theme.1he 3rd line is designed to operate in the density of the material world, and within that world we discover who we are.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.