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2nd Line Personality — Conscious Projection

Behavioral Identity Hermit

Projected Attitude Democrat

Limited Perspective Bigotry

Aspired-to Role Harmony

Bonding Strategy Shyness/Boldness

Security Strategy Nourisher/Depleter

Emotional Resonance Advance/Withdrawal

Awareness Resonance Determination or Not

4th Line Design — Unconscious Externalization

Nature Opportunist

Type Abdicator

Memory Fatigue

Direction Aloneness

Sexuality Confidant or Not

Humanity Benefactor/Dependant

Wave Resonance Kindness/Meanness

Frequency Resonance Corruption or Not

Background: Within the hexagram, Lines 1 and 2 represent the first of three yin/yang binaries, and although these two lines operate differently, each is concerned with insecurity. To deal with this, the 1st line investigates and studies, and the 2nd line eventually learns to trust its natural gifts that require no study. There is an innate tension between this Hermit Personality that wants to be left alone to do its own thing, and the Opportunist Design that wants to connect with others to externalize something. The conscious 2nd line is inherently shy and unaware of its gifts, and has to be called out by others in order to share them. The unconscious yet naturally friendly 4th line provides opportunities for these gifts to be called out by attracting people to the 2nd line.

The Hermit, as much as it would like to be invisible to the other, is actually very transparent. Others look in and see what the Hermit cannot — its natural talents and genius. The Hermit can only see itself, though, through the projections and feedback of others. Not easily motivated to study like the 1st line, Hermit Opportunists are happiest when completely absorbed in their secure environment doing what they enjoy most. And while they are happily dancing to their own beat, they attract the attention of others who call them out to share their essential nature.

Personal: You are a natural who is here to be called out by others to share your innate talents and genius. You have a built-in barrier, such as a limited point ofview, that protects you and your unique genius from being cormpted by outside interference. This barrier has a 'weak' spot, a place where it can be penetrated. The right call from the right person can lead to profound transformation in your life, and propel your purpose and destiny out into the world with a missionary's zeal. You don't like to be called out all the time, however, and answering just any call puts tremendous stress on your body. Improper use ofyour energy results in fatigue, burnout and eventually exhaustion. Continually answering the wrong calls turns the 2nd line barrier into a psychological barrier that refuses to hear all calls, and you will ultimately suffer because of this. When called, you are incredibly impressive as you seem to be driven by an unseen force on a cmsade to externalize your gift to the world. You are being pushed and motivated by your unconscious transpersonal4th line, and yet, if your 2nd line had its way you would just stay in your protected space, and never choose to be bothered by anyone. Consciously, you can feel incredibly helpless in the moment of the call, as you are taken out of your protected and secure environment and pushed out into the world of social interactions. It is crucial that you give yourself hermit time away from your networks as the solitude brings a delicious sense of harmony to your life. You are also very particular about your environment and enjoy having things arranged in a specific way that feels good for you — so you can be left alone to do your own thing. Your cave when you retreat into it is your sanctuary and castle, a place where you like to be without interruption.

Uncertainty is part of your 2nd line life. Living in a world where people expect you to be able to explain what you do and how you do it is uncomfortable for you, and even makes you question your own abilities. If you worry too much about what others think about what you do, you can become paranoid of the projections of others. Your gift is not something that you can explain; people will have to accept that you do what you do and you don't know how or why. 

Your unconscious 4th line, and your instinct for networking, is the most effective way for attracting the opportunities for your calling and achieving success and security in the world. You must, however, also be 'called' into the correct networks. When you are in 'your' network you feel nourished and can be nourishing to others; your influence can be contagious and remarkable. As the Hermit Opportunist, you can move between nourishing and depleting, such as Michelangelo who depleted his nourishing benefactor's resources. There is no moral judgment in this dynamic, however, if you are in the wrong network, you can end up becoming dependent and depleting others' resources in an unhealthy way. You are not designed for strangers, and the only way a stranger can reach you correctly is by being introduced through someone you already know in your network. Knowing how to make correct decisions is very important as there are very specific calls for you in life, and learning how to recognize them is crucial to your well-being. Attracting the correct call occurs naturally when your life is properly aligned by making decisions through your Strategy and Authority. Without this guidance, life can be chaotic and the life-transforming call may never be heard.

Interpersonal: Hermit Opportunists bond through a strategy of shyness/boldness. Their Hermit shyness calls out to the other to be bold enough to break down their barrier to intimacy and establish friendship first. Hermits are only open to specific people, however, and this is how they enter correctly into intimate and lasting relationships. The 2nd line does not pursue, as the Hermit is unaware of the quality within that attracts the other, but rather waits for someone to enter their cave and say, "you are for me." This is also the correct way for Hermit Opportunists to enter into business commitments or partnerships, as it is those in their networks who recognize and most easily call them out.

Even with their inherent and unlearned gifts, 2/4 children need a good education and should be encouraged and supported to study. This preparation will be invaluable later in life when their call comes. They need to be 'turned on' though to get them involved, and if not interested they won't want to join in.They are generally easy going and will go along with the majority, but need a balance between time alone and social time.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.