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6th Line Personality — Conscious Transition

Behavioral Identity Role Model

Projected Attitude Administrator

Limited Perspective Optimist

Aspired-to Role Objectivity

Bonding Strategy Soul Mate or Not

Security Strategy Trust or Not

Emotional Resonance Sympathy/Apathy

Awareness Resonance Leadership or Not

2nd Line Design — Unconscious Projection

Nature Hermit

Type Democrat

Memory Bigotry

Direction Harmony

Sexuality Shyness/Boldness

Humanity Nourisher/Depleter

Wave Resonance Advance/Withdrawl

Frequency Resonance Determination or Not

Background: The transpersonal Role Model Hermit is here to show us all how to live authentically without being dependent On outside authorities, and to realize and accept our unique perfection. The unconscious and naturally gifted Hermit just wants to be left alone to do its own thing. In the house metaphor, Line 6 sits on the roof, separate from the rest of the house, but with a view into the next house, or the next hexagram. Role Models are not necessarily interested in what is going on inside the house; they are more interested in the broader view.

This rooftop perch gives 6/2's the ability to be removed from the 'drama' of life, and allows them to objectively observe and offer a detached viewpoint, much like the sage on the mountaintop. The 2nd and 6th lines have something in common as the Hermit's natural gifts are always noticed, and the Role Model observer is also always being observed. 

Personal: You can feel a bit out of sync with the world. You have a birds' eye view of life, so you can see the big picture and are wise beyond your years. Profiles without a 6th line do not have the ability to see life the way you see it, and this can make you feel disconnected from others, or question and wonder why they don't they see what is obvious to you. When combined, your 6th and 2nd lines give you the capacity to be the democratic administrator; a unique, capable and wise authority.

As with all 6th lines, you will go through three significant stages in life. It is important for you to embrace each aspect of this process as it matures and prepares you for your true calling, which is the role of trusted leader. The first 30 years are trial and error discovery, gathering valuable experiences, and losing some of your innocence as you get exposed to the hard realities of life, and what does not work. The second stage of your development is a time for you to retreat, heal your wounds, regain your optimism, enjoy life and watch for the things that do work. Your unconscious 2nd line Hermit feels good in this stage as withdrawal is natural. After the age of 50, you receive a calling, re-engage with life, and become a true Role Model and living example of the wise, aware, objective judge and observer.

You are always noticed, and have great transpersonal power even when you are withdrawn and reclusive. A life of harmony for you means no agendas or pressure to prove yourself Your ability to stay above the fray, removed from the insignificant dramas in life, helps you to maintain objectivity. You are most interested in things with depth and meaning; the trivial does not engage you. Others see you as an objective administrator, and will call you out for advice. As a transpersonal person, you are someone others listen to and your advice carries a lot of weight. If you say this thing works or not, or this person is good or bad, people will take your word for it. Your 6th line, when healthy, is fundamentally optimistic - hoping and dreaming for the best in life for everyone, including yourself At the same time, your unconscious 2nd line sees the frailties and self-hatred that exists within humanity.

Your natural genius and innate talents must be protected and allowed to unfold naturally in order to be called out and made available to the world. You are not a generalist, and there is a specific and special call that will allow you to bring out your gifts and embody your Role Model power. This calling is not something that you will find by seeking; it must be called out of you by others. There is a noble, self-sufficient, optimistic and visionary quality that emerges from you if you are able to stay with your process, maintain your perspective, and safeguard your natural gifts during the first two stages oflife. Your unconscious uncertainty, however, can cause you to hold back and not share your special gifts with the world. Your Strategy and Authority will guide you to the correct people and the correct call.

Interpersonal: Role Model Hermits are idealists looking for the perfect life and perfect mate; someone they can stand with, relate to, and be proud of. The potential partner must be bold, however, and break through the 6/2 barrier. During the first 30-year trial and error cycle they jump into intimacy only to suffer from disillusionment and disappointment. Typically, meeting their mate is possible only after they enter the retreat phase of life, and yet, a lot of time can be spent in this phase trying to change a partner into the perfect model. It is important that 6/2's live their truth, and not attempt to change the truth of others. Trust is nourishing for the Role Model Hermit, and they cannot be intimate with anyone they cannot trust. If the trust is broken, you will only get access to the 6/2 on a superficial level.

It is very important to support the 6/2 child in discovering their true nature, and to not shame them for any trial and error 'mistakes' that are made in the first 30 years. They can be insecure in their gifts, and can be their own worse critics, as they are always looking for perfection. They need encouragement to explore and try things. When something does not work out, a parent can guide the child to learn from the discovery by asking "What did you learn from this experience?"

The 3-part 6th line developmental process is something all human beings go through, and is modeled and accentuated by 6th lines as they lead us through this transition to the new 9-centered form. They are here to show us the way to live as a differentiated 9-centered being, able to operate and make decisions from our own authority. Role Model Hermits are here to show us how to live according to our own wisdom.

The resources in the HDKB were pulled from several places, including The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnel, The Book of Destinies by Chetan Parkyn/Carola Eastwood, and various other source material recordings and PDF transcripts of Ra's lectures. If you find value in this content we suggest supporting the original creators.